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April 28th, 2005

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05:24 pm - mmm novocaine
yeah so i just got my tooth pulled. the novocaine is starting to wear off and i must say it hurts. now i cant eat on either side of my mouth so that's good. amanda, together you and i are pathetic. i really cant concentrate on my homework right now. all i have left is history. and to study for that goddamn latin test. screw de bello galico. i dont care about caesar.

i really wish mom would come back with taht extra strenght tylenol and my milk shake. yummmmm. pretty much the only food i can eat right now.

okay off to procrastinate somewhere esle.

ps manda: im starting to think friday wont work because well, umm anna wants to get tog friday. is that okay? can you make saturady?

alright back to historia! i hate mrs kahn.
Current Mood: numbnumb-it's wearing off though
Current Music: give it up-format

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mmm novocaine - i'm falling in love with you, balloons or no balloons

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